Nov 18 2008

The Flip-Flop Flap

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Not just for summer anymore

Not just for summer anymore


I bought these flip-flops for my husband ($6 at Family Dollar) because he needed new shower shoes for the gym.  Finding them took some doing, since summer is over.  It surprised me that Wal-Mart was not going to restock its flip-flop inventory, because flip-flops are enjoying a run of popularity—six out of 10 pairs of feet I see here on campus are sporting them no matter what the weather.  Flip-flops aren’t just for summer anymore.

            Back at the beginning of this semester, when I toured the UMW gym, I saw a bulletin about the “health hazards” of flip-flops.  Again, surprise.  I found this article addressing the problem; some podiatrists think prolonged flip-flip wearing can cause heel pain and strained arches.

            The flip-flops I just bought are knock-offs of the popular line of plastic shoes called Crocs.  Our chiropractor calls them all “death shoes,” because he believes that toxins in the plastic leach into the body through the bare skin of the foot. 

So I worry that while my husband wears them in a hot shower, the heat will release toxins faster.  If I ever come across the old rubber flip-flops I’m going to snap them up…although for all I know, the rubber could be toxic enough to take down an elephant!

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