Feb 24 2010

Mmmmmm Chocolate…

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Cadbury \”Eyebrows\”

      Mmmmmm. Cadbury.  Yes, that’s exactly my first thought when I watch the commercial above—never mind the twitching kids.  But really, think of how many people put chocolate on their shopping list after watching this commerical during the most recent Superbowl. The satisfaction I got from the Saint’s winning didn’t even compare to my post-game chocolate run. I mean, really, what better thing is there this time of year then a smooth, creamy Carmello bar or a simple square of dairy milk chocolate?  You are in that borderline season when you want the richness of rich treats but just enough to satisfy the taste buds—nothing too decadent.  And with the assortment of Cadbury products on the shelves ringing in the upcoming arrival of the Easter Bunny, it’s hard to resist.

            Personally, I think the classic Dairy-Milk-Fine-Milk chocolate bar trumps all of the others, unless you want to consider the Dairy-Fine-Milk chocolate Bunny.  This cocoa melts in your mouth immediately, and is the perfect remedy for a broken heart, bad afternoon, or a mid-afternoon chocolate craving.  In 2008, the chocolate won the Chef’s Best Taste award, almost two-hundred years after John Cadbury opened the doors of his first store.  This delight from our neighbors across the Atlantic can be found at local stores such as Walgreens and Wal-mart for reasonable prices.  You can snag a 3.5 ounce bar for around $1.99 plus tax, and if you are really lucky, you can get a stash during a 2-for $3.00 sale. 

     Cadbury is the world’s leading confectionary company, which comes as no surprise considering they are the “Wonka’s” behind many of our treats.  If you are a loyal connoisseur, you may even let yourself splurge for a truly decadent trip to Cadbury World—Where Chocolate Comes to Life.  I am pretty sure chocolate came to life in my world the moment I took the first bite, but nevertheless the slogan is a bit intriguing.  Located in the UK, this theme park allows you to travel to the most mouth-watering parts of chocolate universe for the equivalent of about 10 USD.  From Aztec Jungle to Cadabra, you hop on the journey of a piece of chocolate from the bean to your pocket.  Sounds like a swell vacation to me!

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