Feb 25 2010

Fashion Tights

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Are you looking for a way to spice up your current wardrobe without having to spend a lot of money? Then consider purchasing tights- an inexpensive way to add a color and style to your everyday outfits! You can purchase tights at a variety of stores such as; Target for as low as $7, Forever 21 where you can find a pair for as low as $5, Urban Outfitters carries slightly more expensive tights for about $14, and most other clothing stores also carry tights.

My favorite store to buy tights from is Urban Outfitters because of the different variety that they carry. They have tights with dots, some with lace, ones which are diamond patterned, ones with stripes, and they carry plenty which feature bright colors. However, they also sell the more plain tights such as black, white, and brown. During the winter months I particularly like to wear the cable knit sweater tights that I purchased from Urban Outfitters because they are more capable of keeping your legs warm in the cold compared to other types of tights.

Colored tights have become very popular since Blair Waldorf, from the television show Gossip Girl had been seen wearing tights with daring colors and patterns.

Tights have come a long way from only being worn by dancers on stage, to now making a fashion statement by just slipping on a patterned or colored pair of tights.

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