Apr 17 2011

It’s the Simple Life

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Beyond just the range of philosophical views regarding moderation, people throughout history have strived for a simpler life, generally looking back into the past for the “ideal” living situation. In the mid 20th century was a push architecturally and artistically for simplicity of line and space, at the end of the 19th century was the colonial revival period, in the early 19th century Jefferson’s Democrats embraced the idea of the “agrarian republic,” and so on. In each of these periods people looked back to periods of history as their inspiration for a better, simpler life, even though, in most cases, their target historical period was heavily idealized.

When reading the section on the Ecological Era I couldn’t help but picture Tommy Chong reading the lines. While I think simplistic living is a great idea, I couldn’t understand Duane Elgin’s connection between simplicity and ecological era. There were a few good ideas from the “ecological era” section, but I would never say simple living and it were one in the same. However, they are similar in some regards; they’re both idealized views.

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  1. crolandon 17 Apr 2011 at 10:04 pm

    I was also thinking about the historical trends of returning to the past, which is so often seen as “back when things were simpler.” And I agree that this article was pretty much dripping with unrealistic idealism, but I think that somewhere in there were some good ideas that, if put in to place moderately and on an individual scale, could go a long way to combating our American consumerist addiction.