Apr 18 2011

A Path of ‘New Growth’

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I thought this reading was a great way to end the class because it sums up what we have read and discussed throughout the semester without leaving a negative impression. This class focused on the social, economic and psychological aspects of consumerism while leaving out a lot of environmental and global issues. I agree with the statement, “Ecological living does not imply turning away from economic progress; rather it seeks to discover which technologies are most appropriate and helpful in moving toward a sustainable future. Ecological living is not a path of ‘no growth’ but a path of ‘new growth.'” There are still ways to move forward as an industrial society without wholly existing as consumers.

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  1. sarahstauntonon 19 Apr 2011 at 6:12 pm

    I also agree with his statement that being simpler does not mean less progress. I think about all the new ecological living houses that are coming out of the west cost which focus on the idea of simplicity and unity with the environment. http://ecosalon.com/15_inspiring_glimpses_into_the_future_of_green_housing/