Mar 23 2012

Bob Evans Mac and Cheese

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A container of Bob Evans Special Recipe Mac and Cheese

If I could think of anything that has the words scrumptious, cheesy, and nutritional; what I think of is Bob Evans Special Recipe Mac and Cheese. I was never a big fan of mac and cheese when I was growing up. I do like the taste, but it seemed like there was always something missing from each different mac and cheese i ate. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I would change my opinion towards mac and cheese. I remember, it was a cool, spring day in Springfield, Virginia. I was getting out of my last class and about to head home, when i suddenly felt an urge to shop for some sort of food. So i drove to the closet Giant, which is about 1 minute away, and started searching for a delicious meal. As I was strolling down the asiles, I wasn’t getting any type of “spark” looking at the different commodities. It wasn’t until I arrived at the microwaveable section, which was in the way back of the store, where i would eventually observe what is currently my favorite type of mac and cheese: Bob Evans Special Recipe Mac and Cheese. When I saw the package, I felt this weird sensation that I needed to buy this for lunch, so I listened to myself and purchased it. As soon as I got home, I instantly removed the packaging and heated the mac and cheese. When I took my first spoonful,I was in love at first bite!

When I bought my first Bob Evans Special Recipe Mac and Cheese that day in high school, it legitimately made me feel 100% better. I highly recommend not just mac and cheese lovers, but everyone to taste this amazingly simple creation. Bob Evans Special Recipe Mac and Cheese has plenty of good nutrition. It consists of 15% of vitamin A, 10% of iron, 25% of calcium, and 14g of protein. Half the container is the serving size which contains 330 calories. The average cost for one container is $3.49, which is a steal compared to how excellent the mac and cheese taste. Any consumer can buy his/her own Bob Evans Special Recipe Mac and Cheese at any local Giant, Blooms, Walmart, and Bottom Dollar. Some stores, like walmart, allow consumers to buy from online; which is a nice benefit if someone is not able to go out and shop. With the proximatey and cost, as well as the abundance of nutrition, there is nothing else i could say to make this “gift” sound any better.

Here are some peer reviews of the product:

Best microwave mac & cheese!
Overall Rated 5 out of 5.Bob Evans has really done us a service here with this great-tasting, microwaveable macaroni and cheese! It tastes so good and is quick and easy. I have tried other microwave macaroni and cheese dinners, and this one is my favorite. Sometimes other brands have an off-taste, or are too try, or too cheesy. This one is perfect.

– kell25

Quick, Easy and Delicious!
Overall Rated 5 out of 5.If you love macaroni and cheese, you are going to love Bob Evans Macaroni & Cheese! It has the perfect amount of cheese. The macaroni isn’t too hard or too mushy. It’s quick and easy to make, with no boiling water or measuring milk and butter. You just open, pop in the microwave and tada…delicious macaroni and cheese!

– shershe

So what are you guys waiting for? Head out to your local grocery store, and pick up a container of Bob Evans Special Recipe Mac and Cheese. With all the nutrition, low costs, and deliciousness that comes with this commodity, it would be a sin not to go out and try this amazingly life changing meal!

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