Sep 04 2012

The Suite Doesn’t Make the Man…

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The canon of reputability is at hand and seizes upon such innovations as are, according to its standards, fit to survive.  Since the consumption of these more excellent goods is an evidence of wealth, it becomes honorific; and conversely, the failure to consume in due quantity and quality becomes a mark of inferiority and demerit.    Thorstein Veblen

Pride encourages our competitive nature which can lead to “conspicuous consumption”.  In today’s society the image of wealth pervades our culture.  We are required to buy more and more and to possess more and more.  The more T.V.’s you have in your home the better you look.  Possessing the most up-to date fashion makes you desirable.  In fact, the drive to maintain this image is so strong, it causes people to create it even when they do not have the ability to maintain it: for example, Hollywood actors/actresses are expected to maintain a certain image, however, many of them cannot manage their money.  As a result they end up bankrupt or living off of credit.  The expectation to portray an image of wealth is so strong that they will continue despite financial woes.  No one wants to appear poor…

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