Sep 13 2012

Tote a New Pair of Toms This Fall

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It’s Fall once again, and this means that the leaves are changing, the humidity may actually settle (yay to no more frizzy hair) and new trends have got us combing through racks at our favorite retailers. And while many people tend to get caught up in the euphoric rush of buying things, especially fashion items; what if you could make a fashionable purchase this Fall that would up your style quotient and help better the lives of others? If you’re nodding your head right now, then you need to purchase a pair of Toms shoes.


The Toms phenomenon began in 2006 when company founder Blake Mycoskie went on a trip to Argentina and discovered the fact that many children didn’t have any shoes – leaving them vulnerable to the elements. The mission Mycoskie had when launching Toms was to create visually appealing shoes that were modern, but more than – to donate one pair of shoes to children like those he had met in Argentina, for every pair purchased by customers. In one year alone, he was able to donate 10,000 pairs of shoes to the children he had met on that fateful trip.

See above for the video about Toms “One for One” campaign, and Mycoskie’s mission to help others with his Toms shoes.


For those who like a little philanthropy with their shopping, then snapping a pair of Toms up is simple, with the shoes being sold both in brick and mortar locations and online (click here!). If you like to be able to try on a pair and are near a Journey’s, Nordstrom or Zumiez, then I highly recommend doing so, as they tend to run a half size smaller than your normal shoe size. Going on the Toms website is also a good option to see the full range of styles they’re producing, but be prepared to pay a shipping cost ($10-$12) for your order.


Another thing to note is the cost of a pair of Toms. They range in price from $40-$60 (depending on the type you purchase), but see it as an investment in the lives of the less fortunate, especially since you’re technically buying two pairs of shoes; one being the donated pair.


I decided to write about Toms shoes because I’ve been a customer of the brand for two years, and can personally vouch for their comfort, durability and style. As someone who wants to work in public policy and economic development, I know that companies like this that “give back” need to be supported, and that they’re “doing it right,” in my opinion. I think that students in this course and at UMW would be interested in this product because many feel the same way I do about brands that “give back” and students are always looking for a pair of durable shoes that allow them to walk or run around campus. They’ve even got a line of Toms in campus colors for sports fans and students who really support their school, so there’s another incentive to purchase a pair today!


Really interested in the Toms story, and what it means for so many children out their in need of shoes? Then check out the documentary.

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