Sep 14 2012

Mr Clean…

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I want to talk to you about an amazing product that was created by Linwood Burton.  Linwood was a well-known individual along the east coast who sold cleaning products for marine ships.  Not only was Burton a salesman, but he had some knowledge of chemistry, and because of his awareness of how harmful the product were, he began experimenting with some chemicals.  Bam! He developed Mr. Clean which was effective and safer for sailors.  Burton sold the product to Procter & Gamble in 1958, and after six month Mr. Clean became the best-selling household cleaner.  Through the years Procter & Gamble has created an array of Mr. Clean products ranging from: introduction to the first cleaning product in a plastic bottle in 1963 to my all-time favorite cleaning partner Mr. Clean “magic dry erase”, which premiered in 2003.  The magic dry erase can be purchased at any grocery and hardware store as well as Costco for those of you who like buying in bulk.  The prices are different from store to store; ranging from $3.47 to $4.79 for 4pack.

I feel everyone should have a Mr. Clean magic dry erase because it is convenient and hassle-free.  All you need is a little running water to rinse the eraser and you will have WHATEVER location you are cleaning looking new again (even folks with children that use the wall to draw their Picaso), and if you want a little fragrance to go along with that, the magic dry erase comes scented as well.  So no more lugging around different kinds of cleaners, because all you need is the “ONE” Mr. Clean magic dry erase.  So let’s go to our nearest grocer and invest in Mr. Cleanmagicdry erase .[/youtube]


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  1. Evelyn Walterson 28 Dec 2012 at 5:28 pm

    Hi, My father invented Mr. Clean and I’m trying to locate the family of the original “Mr. Clean” (as pictured). I understand he was a friend of my fathers’.
    Any help would be appreciated.