Oct 11 2012


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 When thinking about what products I consume most of, my train of though could not go beyond the food I purchase at the store, (probably because of my tight budget). Services then came to mind, and I realized that Netflix is used in my household at least once a day. Living with my girlfriend who works a full time job, its hard to correlate what times she and I will both be at home. This makes our timing of tv shows a difficult event to plan. Netflix has become our solution to that problem.

Using my Palystation 3 game consule, I am able to stream movies and tv shows right to my tv. I have watched many seasons of many shows, including Breaking Bad, Archer, Bobs Burgers, and Arrested Development to name a few. We stream movies as well, but the selection they have for instant que is limited to a few good ones, and a lot of bad ones. Most of the time when were browsing the movies to see if theres one we’d like to view, we end up falling back on an episode of a show.

Now there are other providers of internet streamed media. Hulu plus is a great service, offering nearly the same variety in movies and tv shows at the same price of Netflix, $7.99 a month. There is also Amazon Prime, which at the yearly price of $79.99, is not a bad deal either. After reading reviews about the three, I found that Netflix ranks first for movies, Hulu plus for tv shows, and Amazon Prime because of its Kindle streaming thats included in the service.

In regards to some of the history of the company, Netflix is American based. Its is available in not only the United States, but in Canada, Central America, Latin America, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, and Ireland (only in the US however can you have DVDs mailed to your address. The company was founded in 1999, and by 2007 had made its billionth delivery. In 2011, Netflix announced its total digital revenue exceeded $1.5 billion.



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  1. Danielleon 03 Nov 2012 at 12:22 am

    I remember spending so much time looking for something I wanted to watch on Netflix back when I had them. It was too frustrating for me, so I got Blockbuster @Home since I can stream through my Hopper. Pricewise I found that it’s a better deal for me because I also have the choice to get DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games mailed to me, and all of this is included in the subscription. I probably would still be searching for something to watch if it weren’t for one of my coworkers at DISH telling me that I could get better choices without Netflix.