Nov 04 2012

Feed Me!

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The novel by M.T. Anderson Feed was a very enjoyable piece. Though I am not usually a fan of Sci-Fi novels, I could really relate to his work, as Im sure most of those near my age did as well considering the computer age we were born into. The only part that made me irritated was how Titus was ignoring Violet in her time of need, though that was probably Anderson’s way of showing how despite Titus being one of the better pics out of the bunch, the Feed still took away from the character one should have developed throughout his/her life. Its kind of scary to think about how the more technologically advnaced we become as a race/species, the less knowledge we retain in regards to simple tasks that 50 years ago, everyone knew how to do (such as changing ones oil, or reading a road map). Great read, highly recommended

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