Nov 04 2012

“Feed” Me!

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M.T. Anderson creates a futuristic lifestyle in which individuals can access information, news reports, television shows, driving directions, and shopping tips from electronic transmitters transplanted in their brains called “feed.” Without much thought, the feed is constantly bombarding an individual with flashy advertisements, commercials, music and suggestions for social outings or the latest trends. Anderson mocks our modern-day society where we are compelled to have the latest technology and updates at our fingertips. His vision of Feednet and m-chat reminds me of the constant streaming of Facebook notifications and text messaging. As users scroll through their News Feed online, Facebook suggests “Pages You May Like” or their friend’s interest as marketing techniques. YouTube and the internet use this same method as well by tracking one’s recent history and recommending video clips or pages upon their next log-in. This relates back to what Violet mentioned on page 97, “They try to figure out who you are, and to make you conform to one of their types for easy marketing…They keep making everything more basic so it will appeal to everyone.” Advertisements continue to urge us to shop. It has become a part of our daily lives where it cannot be ignored nor avoided. As technology advances over the next several years, I can only hope that Anderson’s vision does not come true.

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