Nov 05 2012


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Feed by M.T. Anderson creates a world where all information is available in a small chip located inside everybody’s brain called a “feed.” Though this is obviously a work of science fiction, it is definitely speaking to modern day , Westernized life and the way we have information so readily available at our fingertips via laptops, smart phones, ipads, etc. I haven’t read much science fiction in my life, so I found myself comparing it to the only futuristic novels that I’ve read in school before — of course, Brave New World and 1984. It’s always funny to see how a slight grain of truth can be found in even the most absurd of predictions. This one seemed to be the most close to home, in fact. As a non-tech savvy person, I always find myself wondering, “What more can they POSSIBLY come up with?” It surprises me to no end when the latest gadget comes out because it feels as though we’ve already reached the peak, and there’s nothing left for us to want. When a Google app on a phone isn’t enough, Apple creates “Siri” to answer all questions. When laptops are too inconvenient to carry around, iPads are conceived. What’s even more amazing is how we respond as consumers. I’ll admit that I’m hypocritically making all of these statements with my iPhone 5 sitting right next to me, but I have to believe that the iPhone 5 will mean nothing in a matter of years. We’re moving so quickly, and who knows when we will actually reach that peak. The only thing that keeps our heads on straight are the Violets in the world who will ensure that we are able to stay independent from the technology that consumes us.

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