Nov 08 2012

The Kirkland Signature Energy Shot

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So for the last year and a half before the fall semester started I was working in Quantico Marine Base doing electrical contracting at the commercial level. The days were long (usually about 10 hrs) and the work itself was at an intense pace. I realized that a cup of coffee in the morning would not suffice in keeping me going all day long, so I began buying the 5 hr energy shots, and taking them after lunch to keep up with the pace. I found them to work great for me, but found that it was really cutting into my funds. At over 3 dollars a pop individually and having a pack of 48 still costing over 70 bucks, a change had to be made.

Thats when I discovered the Kirkland Signature Energy Shot. It was after I recieved my Costco membership that I came across the 48 pack box. The price was what stood out for me, at just over $35 for the box, compared to the 48 pack of 5 hr energy which was almost double the price. I of course was skeptical at first, thinking how could the same product be so much cheaper. After reading the supplement facts however, I found that only a couple minute changes were present in comparison to the 5 hr energy brand. Its almost the exact same as the 5hr energy extra strength. Only difference is the niacin which is 30mg instead of 40mg. But has 2150mg of energy blend compared to 2000mg. It also has less soduim at 15mg compared to 18mg.

I bought the pack and it worked just as well as the 5 hr energy shots I had been paying double the price for. Now that I’m in school, I find myself grabbing one either sometimes before class if I dont have time for coffee, or before a night out. I keep a few in my truck in case I’m feeling a little tired behind the wheel, which has in fact come in handy on more than one occasion.

After reading many reviews on the Kirkland brand of enery shots, I found that 9 out of the 12 people that reviewed the product on amazon gave it 5 stars. After digging further, I found that these are in fact manufactured by 5 hour energy and are just a rebrand of their original product. How Costco worked out that deal is a mystery, but all I can say is thank you Costco for making these affordable.


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