Nov 09 2012

Be KIND: KIND Snack Bars

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One of my all time favorite on-the-go snacks are KIND bars. KIND bars are all natural fruit and whole nut bars that are made from ingredients that you can actually pronounce and see inside of the bar, too. The KIND bars are more than rice kernels with peanut butter, the KIND bars offer more in terms higher health standards and a larger variety of flavors.


KIND bars are healthy because the bars are made from all natural fruit and nut, are gluten and wheat free, a good source of fiber, and in some cases are non GMO and free of trans fat. Especially, for health fanatics these bars are also cholesterol free and have very low sodium levels. To make matters better, KIND snacks have a variety of flavors that can truly make eating healthier easier and taste better. The bars have been proven to suppress appetite according to a Yale study made in 2010. The flavors themselves sound delicious ranging from my favorite almonds and apricot in yogurt flavor to cranberry and almonds plus antioxidants.


KIND snacks sells more than fruit and nut bars, it sells healthy granola grain, special bars with added antioxidants, nuts and spice bars, variety packs and you can make gift boxes of KIND bars like Bobbi Brown did for her cosmetic team. You can create your KIND variety pack for friends, loved one or just you.


KIND snacks stands out the most because of its charitable character and mission statement: “Do the KIND Thing – for your body, your taste buds, & the world!” The founder of KIND Snacks and bars is Daniel Lubetzky, a social entrepreneur, who founded the company in 2003. Lubetzky also founded a “not for only profit” company called PeaceWorks, which is essentially a joint venture with multiple local manufacturers in international regions and its priority is to sell the goods worldwide. The framework for PeaceWorks and KIND snacks is to follow the Theory of Economic Cooperation. KIND Snacks also fits this model.

Learn about Daniel Lubetzky:

In keeping with being a company that is economically sustainable and impacts social issues, KIND snacks made the KIND Movement. Every month KIND has a new mission to accomplish with you in mind. The November 2012 movement’s mission is to help wounded warriors reunite with families for the holidays. Your acts of kindness will in turn inspire KIND snacks to make another act of kindness. This video shows how the KIND movement works.


If you want to know more about KIND and would like to try a bar out, Starbucks is the easiest place to buy a single bar for $1.95. If you like shopping in physical stores are Whole Foods Market, Wegmans and Wal-Mart. The stores sell the bar around the same price range of $1.75 to $1.95. If you like online stores and want to buy in bulk to save even more try Wal-Mart e-commerce site sell,, and QVC to name a few. You can always buy the food products directly from KIND Snacks if you would like to support the company directly. It is pricier buying KIND snack bars in bulk, a 72-pack box is $100.00. At that rate, KIND sells the bars at $1.39 a bar, and that is good amount of bars.


I like KIND snack bars because of the Daniel Lubetzky mentality towards business. He gives back through a mutual relationship with customers. The products the company produces are not hazardous to the world or consumers’ bodies. The snacks are healthy food in a fast-food industry dominated by unhealthy ingredients. KIND snack bars are good on the go, delicious with coffee and can fill you up in between meals or classes. You can benefit and personally give back to the community. As always as the saying goes, we are stronger together. Together we can all do the kind thing. Together we can be KINDAHOLICS.

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