Nov 11 2012

The Mighty Plenitude

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This was very hard for me to read. And no, not because they use big words, or that they’ve included some rather snazzy graphs and charts. It’s because the book contradicts everything that I’ve accepted about my major (Economics) and my former background (my degree in Fashion). I myself  hadn’t given too much thought about the life cycle of clothing and the built in obsolescence of products made today, because it’s what I, and several other consumers, have been taught is the norm. Plenitude is the art of getting more from less, and while the first 98 pages don’t offer a clear cut way to do that, I hope the remainder of the book does. The book speaks to the environmental impact that current consumer habits are having and calls us to spend less time working and more time making our own products and establishing closer relationships. The climate change bit scared me, (it’s a bit apocalyptic at points) but also helps me to realize changes that I can and should be making. The overall tone of these 98 pages was a “blame game” of sorts, and points to economists and politicians for being at fault with not making further progress on reforms. I hope that when I run for office, I can focus on working towards plenitude in my policies.

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