Nov 12 2012


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Plenitude by Juliet Schor is a reactionary book that projects a sustainable future for American consumerism.  The first three chapters of this book considers how backwards our nation has become with over consumption.  Unlike most economists, Schor connects the over consumption of America with the environmental damages that over production brings about.  This is overlooked by many people today, and some people still deny global warming.  But Plenitude does more then bring this degrading consumption patterns to light, Schor gives an alter route Americans can take to slow down environmental damage.  What Schor calls for reminds me of the life my grandmother lived.  She lived through WWII and knew about the value of products, only buying what she needed, and not necessarily what she wanted.  This book calls for a shift in how we live our life, much like the thrifty generations before us.

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