Aug 14 2008

Brooks Addiction 7

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Knee pain. That’s what it started with. Then there was pain in my ankles and hips. I tried to run less, but as the pain continued I finally decided that I had to stop running altogether. After a few months and once the pain subsided, my spouse and I decided that it was time to pick up a new pair of running shoes and to start running again. I visited Gotta Run, a local running store in Arlington, VA, and picked up a pair of Brooks Addiction 7s ($90). I had run in Brooks before—they have the widest toe box on the market and fit my “flipper feet” perfectly. Because the Addiction 7 helped to control my excessive pronation, almost all of my knee pain is gone (it’s still aches when I run up and down a lot of hills, but a knee strap and stretching usually helps). If you have similar problems, then consider changing your shoes!!!

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