Jan 27 2010

Reebok EasyTONE

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At the request of my curious classmates I am going to give some insight on my Reebok EasyTONE shoes.  I had wanted these shoes for several months and was waiting for the rather scary price tag of $100.00 to drop and when it didn’t after what I concluded was enough waiting on my part (5 months) I set out to Lady Foot Locker to buy my shoes.  The one on display was my size (a sign from the gods that I should buy them). The shoes as I put them on my feet were amazing and I can only describe it to be like stepping in sand as the sand pushes, yet gives way to your foot.  The heel part has thick cushion as does the sides, a feature most tennis shoes do not provide.  The coolest feature is the thick rubber spirals that jut out of the bottom and this part takes a minute to get used to but it is never uncomfortable.  I instantly wanted them and choose the black ones (light green, pink, and purple are also available) and I also chose to purchase a spray that makes the shoes waterproof and that cost about $6.00, but this is optional and it is something recommended for all tennis shoes. I’ve had the shoes for a month and walk or run about 5 miles a week and I can tell a difference in how both howgs feel and look. The changes are not instant and will be felt stronger the more exercise you do. Since I purchased mine both my sister and my two friends have become “EasyTONErs.” The shoes are for both major athletes or people who want a little workout and they will benefit anyone because they tone different muscles and work different areas and if your always wearing them your always toning.

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