Feb 07 2010

Latinos INC.

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In the United States Hispanics has become the biggest minority, yet the least amount of money is spent advertising to them. In Latinos INC: The marketing and making of a people, Arelene Davila discusses all the issues affecting Hispanics in the United States marketing world. Marketers are trying to shape Latino and Hispanic culture around American society and the results led to hierarchies and discrimination.  “The generic look has become whiter and thus less representative of the average Hispanic consumer”(111).  This is one of the many problems facing Hispanics in the marketing world, but this one is big because by tip toeing on the line with a white (but not too white) Hispanic model advertisers are leaving out many other kinds or racially diverse Hispanic people. “ What makes stereotypes so troublesome is not that they order and simplify information by reducing complexities to a few limited conventions, but that in doing so, they both reflect and, more important, engender social hierarchies”(89).

While American market not only pushes all Hispanics in to one advertising group the also classify them by their culture. “Anglos are class-identified as ‘American middle-class,’ with class becoming the primary basis for defining them”(70). Where as Hispanics, “Culture is always triumph over class among Latinos, which makes it irrelevant to identify them by class, since they are culturally all the same”(70) The U.S. markets devoid people of all else except for the universal category they have defined them in. As the Hispanic industry booms in the United States more and more problems arise over how to approach the Hispanic market, “Its nationwide growth has been accompanied by the downplaying of regional, geographical, and even cultural differences as criteria for the design of nationwide Hispanic campaigns”(53). It’s seems that U.S. advertisers in reality care very little about representing Hispanic’s they are only looking for the biggest and best way to market to such a large population of people.  These industries have thus created “the ‘right’ way of being Hispanic in this country”(34), which makes the advertisers seem like the tutors of everything American and how to be Hispanic in America.

In the film we watched in class someone brought up how TV shows like the George Lopez show use humor to address so of the real concerns facing Hispanics. Lopez wanted to make fun of and yet capture a look in to the Hispanic American family. The stereotypes placed on Hispanics have really just become mechanisms for pushing Hispanics in to their place in American society. The problem won’t be fixed until advertisers acknowledge the disparity and try to remedy it by giving equality to all Hispanic groups, cultures, and skin colors.

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