Feb 11 2010

Pog Nation of the 90’s

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So as a tribute to my youth I have decided to go retro on my shopping blog for this week.  Fads were a big part of growing up and one of the fads I was quite involved with was Pogs. Pogs hit their peak in the 1990’s and were basically a round chip that had images of just about anything you could imagine on them.  Pogs were used to promote cartoons, organizations, and were even included in fast-food happy meals. My personal favorite was one from the World Wildlife Fund with a light blue background and a Panda on front. Pogs were used to play a game where player’s slams down a pog breaking up the pogs and whatever ones faced up that player won. I personally could not part with any of my pogs and therefore never played the game.  The World POG Federation still exists and February 7th is the day the U.S. national pog tournament is held. Pogs were so popular that many schools (mine included) began banning pogs since kids would keep pogs won during game play and school administrators considered it a form of gambling. I still have my collection of pogs and you can still find them on eBay and in various comic book shops. To me pogs just symbolize a moment of pop cultures many fads that hit me during my youth in the 90’s and just like youth they came and went too quickly.

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