Feb 14 2010

Observing at the Hyperion Cafe in Fred.

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I decided that my fieldwork study would be done in Fredericksburg at the Hyperion Espresso Café.  I went on February 14th 2010 (Valentine’s Day) and arrived at noon and stayed until about two.  Outside the café the weather was bright and sunny though it was very chilly.  I had been to the café several times the last time was in November on my quest for a taste of summer (lemonade). I had honestly never sat down and really chilled inside the café and was looking forward to spending sometime in there,

On arriving at the café outside on one of the benches, five people were chatting on benches and a couple were sitting sipping drinks with their golden retriever dog sitting under their feet.  Walking inside the place was already bustling with several college students sitting in the left hand corner talking actively with one another, while a man sat in a chair next to them reading the paper.  Everyone coming in the café was all bundled up in thick coats many wearing hats and gloves. While many couples came in to sit and most of them stayed for at least thirty minutes inside the café.  I was surprised by the large abundance of couples that came in the café.  Everyone I saw purchased a hot drink item and I observed three people get hot teas. The general opinion of the day was that everyone needed a bit of warmth for the chilly afternoon.  On first arriving most seats were filled with students and people in there twenties to early thirties, however as time went on many families began to come in. Once families started arriving the appearance of the café change, the early crowd (young adults) had been ordering their drinks in to go cups even while if they stayed awhile. Families came in and big red cups filled to the brim with whip cream swirls began to fill the café and the families purchased muffins and bagels.  The only exception was one older couple (in their 60’s or 70’s)  who purchased a cake to share together (very sweet).

The store itself had a very welcoming and relaxed environment. There were three friendly girls working behind the counter.  Even when the place was booming with many people all of them seemed to be used the rush and unfazed by the indecisiveness of some of the consumers.  I also enjoyed the atmosphere of the café and found the cafe’s artwork that surrounded the walls to give it a artsy feel that goes great with coffee.  The Hyperion had a vast menu of drinks to sell consumer from coffees, mochas, smoothies, and even lemonade.  The food ranges from bagels, muffins, cakes, fruit, (for valentines day) and chocolate covered strawberries. The selling trend for the day was hot drinks, though a few people got tea and bought food.

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