Feb 23 2010

You Need This. Now.

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I’m sure that this situation has happened to you many times…

Somehow you entered a fold in time and have angered some wild west cowboys. Are running away from them as fast as possible, but you suddenly stop when you come to a vast body of water.  It is too deep to walk across and there is no bridge.  If only you passed the swimming classes at the Y!  You turn to face the howling, gun totin’ mean-spirited cowboys and close your eyes, accepting your fate.

WAIT!  It doesn’t have to be this way!  You could have simply invested in a Water Walking Ball before you got yourself into this heap o’ trouble.

That’s right, kids.  For only $499.99 (plus around $300 for necessary accessories) you can be a proud owner of this essential invention.

I’ve actually seen this ball in action.  When I was 16 I saw the Flaming Lips in concert at the Charlottesville Pavilion.  The lead singer, Wayne Coyne, gets into the Water Walking Ball and instead of walking on water, he crowd surfs!  I was embarrassingly ignorant of this fact until I saw him entering it in front of the audience members dressed as aliens that he had recruited to dance onstage during the show.

Unfortunately, I was too short to actually touch the ball, but I watched Wayne navigate the hands holding him up with ease; he’s obviously had extensive practice after relentless touring for years.  I’m not sure when they actually started using this ball, but it’s been a while.

I checked out the website, and I love the pictures of people in this ball.  My favorite one, though, is definitely this one:

This kid is wearing goggles.  In a ball where you can’t get wet.


What I love about this video is that they don’t actually show anyone successfully using the Water Walking Ball.  So, really, what this video is saying is “hey, want to try something totally awesome but look completely stupid?”


Here’s how it’s done right.  Here’s Wayne Coyne.  Aka God.


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