Apr 20 2010

Busch Gardens/Water Country USA Season Pass

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Everybody loves the springtime and the summer. They’re the seasons when the sun is out, the days are bright and long, the grass, the leaves, and the flowers are all growing, and the positive energy that dwells within most, if not all, living creatures is ignited. “Love is in the air,” so to speak, and people, for lack of better words, just want to have fun and be happy.

That being said, amusement parks are the quintessential carefree places to be when those seasons roll around. This summer 2010, create an experience(s) by purchasing a Busch Gardens (Williamsburg, VA) season pass and enjoying all the rides and entertainment you can from early April to late October. Season passes can be purchased for $149.95 by visiting the website www.buschgardens.com and clicking on the Williamsburg, VA tab. For an extra $50.00, you can purchase a 1-year, 2-park season pass and also enjoy Busch Garden’s neighboring theme (water) park, Water Country USA. You can purchase a Resident Fun Card, which, for each person over the age of 3, costs $61.95, a 1-park, 2-year season pass for Water Country USA that costs $149.95, a Platinum, 2-year pass for Busch Gardens and Water Country USA (which, during those 2 years, allows you admission to other such theme parks as SeaWorld in Orlando, FL, and in San Antonio, TX, Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, FL, Adventure Island in Tampa, FL, and Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA) that costs $299.95, and a 1-park, 1-year pass at Water Country USA that costs $99.95.  The season passes are valid from the day of purchase, and for those who purchase any of the above season passes, you’ll receive 50% off on merchandise at Christmas Town (a respectively themed locale inside the Williamsburg, VA Busch Gardens theme park), starting in the 2010 season.

For me, both Busch Gardens and Water Country USA in Williamsburg, VA were great sources of summer fun when I was a child. Since my grandmother lives on the Chesapeake Bay, every summer I was there with my sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, others, we’d often (on those lazy, sweltering days) drive into Williamsburg. Sometimes we’d see the reenactments of Yorktown battles, sometimes we’d eat at touristy, colonially-themed restaurants, and when we were really lucky, us kids got to ride the “big scary roller coasters,” the swings, the “battering rams” and “flumes,” and everything else those two parks had to offer.

I would recommend buying a season pass to anyone who both has a sufficient window of time in the summer for R & R (“rest and relaxation”) and is within a reasonably close proximity to either Busch Gardens or Water Country USA. Reason being, there’s no greater summer joy then relishing in the milieus that have symbolically preserved all of the nostalgic moments of childhood, and amusement parks are one of those types of places. That being said, to anyone who has small children themselves and doesn’t wish to consistently burn a hole in their pocket (or at least feel like they are doing so) by purchasing ticket after ticket (…after ticket), a season pass is the perfect way of conveniently keeping the children entertained this summer.

A ride on the “Griffon” roller coaster from a kids-eye POV (well, actually a camera’s POV):


By Peter H. Smeallie IV

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