Apr 20 2010

The Segway and You (Revised Post)

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I think it can be agreed upon that most people in this life are unsettled by chaos. No matter how many new dangerous thrills some people seek or unpredictable situations some people wish to be in, turbulence, and all of the ugliness and nastiness that it entails, seems to get an eternal thumbs-down by everyone. Humans are accustomed to finding strength, peace, and order in their lives, and we also love it when things run smoothly: our finances, our love lives, the health of us and our close ones, etc. So why should our modes of transportation be any different? Sure, cars can move us down an interstate or through a crowded city in record time, but look at all the gross costs involved with them: insurance, gas, repairs, etc. Besides, what if you don’t need to travel long distances? What if your workplace is only a mile or two away from home? Should you walk? Yeah, I guess you could. It’s healthy and efficient, but sometimes you just need something cool and snazzy to show off to your friends.

Well, nothing will look snazzier and ”smoother” (hence the name) than a Segway. These two-wheeled, self-balancing vehicles, which were created by Dean Kamen back in December of 2001, can be purchashed on Amazon.comor through JC Surveillance, a superstore that sells security-related merchandise, for a price of $6,799.99 or less. They also can be sold to you directly from the factory, and if you buy a Segway PT under GE Consumer’s FUNancing Card program, you can pay as low as $125 a month and get as much as 450 miles to the gallon. For me, the segway has always been in my mind the perfect vehicle for short-distance commuting. It’s a lot like a bike (except you’re standing up instead of sitting), except it is run by a motor, and it moves the way you want to move– if you lean forward, it leans forward, if you lean backwards, it leans backwards, and the computerized, gyroscopic sensors attached to the Segway always make sure of that. It moves as quietly and as gently as a soft breeze through a mulberry tree. And although I’m, at the time, not financially able to afford one of these innovatives devices, I recommend that anyone who’s ever toiled with the heavy load of a standard automobile consider buying a Segway. It’s cheaper than purchasing a car, cleaner and more environmentally-friendly than one, and it costs much less at the pump.


A Segway Riding Down Stairs:

A Chimpanzee Riding A Segway:


By Peter H. Smeallie IV

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