Jan 27 2012

Praying to the gods of Capitalism – Reflections on Fiske

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When I started reading the first few pages of Fiske, I was looking for a picture of myself in a text box, because many of the things he was writing reminded me so much of the way I personally use a mall. I am exactly a mall’s worst nightmare, especially in today’s market. The endless variety of online shopping options has seriously curtailed the likelihood of my ever actually buying something from a store in a mall! Malls do serve a purpose – I can go there to see and touch, and sometimes try on things that I’m going to buy cheaper on line. Plus, the mall always has the best pretzels and sometimes, the movie theater, too. I thought Fiske’s discussion of typical masuculine/feminine expectations (p. 313) was spot on.  Even as women’s roles in the home and the workplace have evolved, the preponderance of consumer responsibilities still falls to Mom. I also thought that his discussion of department stores/malls as public places was interesting, but I’ll hold off further comment on that for now. I suspect we’ll discuss this more in later units – perhaps the Downtown America unit. Finally, I thought his points on consumption and power were interesting. I’d never really evaluated many of the scenarios he mentioned before and looked at them in the light of “me, exercising power”, but isn’t that exactly what a DVR is? This section was quite enlightening. Fiske was definitely the best read this week.

– Sara

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