Jan 30 2012

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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In the first half of Satisfaction Guaranteed the author answered a lot of questions I didn’t know I had. Included were: why Mom and Pop shops are called ‘mom and pop shops,’ why consumers (including myself) think they need things like ipods, when they didn’t even exist until ten years ago, and how companies like Nabisco and Coca Cola beat out the competition. The idea that when a company creates a product they don’t always do it to fill a need, but (more) often to make a profit in any way, is nothing new to me, but I had never thought about the way they build the consumer’s “need” for a given product before. In this book, it is explained how products are marketed and branded, and how they go from something no one’s ever heard of to something people think they need. Though a lot of the examples in the book are from a century ago, I am reminded of technology in recent years. We, as consumers, are always looking for the next new thing and we are ready to gobble it up at any cost. Why else would we buy cell phones, tablets, and mp3 players for hundreds of dollars?

As for the third question I never knew I had until I read this book, I found it interesting that other companies tried to almost directly copy Nabisco and Coca Cola packaging. True, companies do this today but not in such an explicit way. Everyone still knows the difference between the ‘name brand’ and the ‘off brand.’ The fact that over 800 companies were threatened with legal action for copying Nabisco’s packaging is astonishing. When they market for such items was brand new, you would think people would have been a little more creative in coming up with their own design!

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