Feb 17 2012

“The Bulldozer of Progress” – Reflections on John Sprinkle

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I really enjoyed listening to John Sprinkle last night. I already knew quite a bit about the particulars of Executive Order 11593 from my time in HISP 101 last summer, but it certainly was interesting to hear more layers of detail about the whys, the hows and the whats that happened as those processes unfolded. I had never heard of the phenomenon of the “Old St. Louis Post Office Problem” before but I was forcefully reminded of the untimely and tragic demise of New York’s original Penn Station. I truly believe that sometimes, it *is* important to save a building just because it’s old – especially when it demonstrates the splendor of American architecture. I truly appreciate when old buildings are preserved, restored and repurposed. Outside of the preservation of my old hometown, Savannah, GA, one of my favorite stories of preservation and reuse is “The Commodore Theater” in Portsmouth, VA. I especially like that The Commodore proudly advertises the theater’s history throughout the building and in a full-page insert in the theater menu. Old theaters are super cool and deserve restoration! Apparently, I’m a closeted Historic Preservation major! Maybe I’ll do that one after English!

– Sara G.

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