Feb 20 2012

Civil Rights and Social Wrongs – Reflections on Isenberg, Part II

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The second part of this book was as good as the first, though focused quite differently. It was interesting to follow the troubled history of the formerly beloved downtown spaces through the civil rights movements. It was interesting to see the development of these spaces into platforms where people could spread messages – message of hate or messages of acceptance. I don’t recall ever seeing any of Savannah’s downtown spaces being utilized in this manner, but being a little white girl in a very Southern and politically uninvolved family, I’m sure that my parents would have allowed a very wide berth around any such demonstrations. In reviewing media coverage of the time, it’s interesting to see how wide open and vulnerable political and civil rights figures allowed themselves to be. It’s certainly hard to imagine any prominent figure exposing themselves in any such way in today’s society. I think it’s sad that we have lost the downtown areas as a platform for free speech and demonstration. Today’s malls, especially because of their private property status would never be able to serve the same type of function.

Richard Nixon Savannah, GA 1970

Richard Nixon Savannah, GA 1970

– Sara


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