Feb 20 2012

Downtown America, Part 2

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This second part of Downtown America began with the 1960s and worked its way to the 1990s. I thought Chapter 6: ‘The Hollow Prize?’ was the most interesting chapter in the section of the book. It is hard to accept that this kind of violence really happened. In a way, I pity most of the parties involved; I pity the African Americans, but I also pity the retailers who lived in fear of their stores getting destroyed or watched it happen. The were torn, whatever their personal beliefs, on what path would be better for business – to integrate or not? On page 206 it says that, “retailers could not decide whether integration would ruin them, save them, or have no impact at all.”

I thought the pictures in Chapter 6 did a fantastic job of showing the horror, sadness and desolation of the time. Figure 6.1 (the peaceful demonstration), 6.6 (the tear-gas victims), 6.9 (the destruction of downtown), 6.11 (the threatening white posse), 6.15 (the retailers fear), and 6.17 (the shoe-shiner) were the most captivating. The shoe-shiner in particular reveals a struggle but is also an inspiration.

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