Feb 24 2012

“Yeah, that’s great. But what about now?” Reflections on Gladwell

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This article by Malcolm Gladwell was very interesting. I do wish it had been written a little more recently. More accurately, I wish another article had been written since. I’d love to know what has changed and what innovations have occurred in the last 12 years.

Although I’m a huge internet shopper, I miss the days of the paper Sears and JCPenney catalogs. I really enjoy browsing through catalogs. I do think they are an effective way of promoting particular merchandise. Though Gladwell’s article explained that with an internet site, a company can display all of their merchandise, whereas with an article, they must pick and choose, realistically, how many customers actually click through every single page of a company’s website and view all of the merchandise? The paper catalog still serves to promote items and spark my interest in items of which I may be unaware, while the company’s website serves to complement that interest.

I also think that a lot of recent developments in internet commerce, like customer reviews on websites and independent consumer survey organizations may have eliminated some of the need for customer service. I think a lot of savvy customers do a lot of their research independently of a company’s customer service representatives. I’m certainly not suggesting that the company’s customer service departments are going the way of the dinosaur, but I would be interested to know how things have developed over the last 12 years as the internet has evolved.

– Sara

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