Feb 24 2012

Clicks and Mortar

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This article made some amazing connections and brought up many interesting things to think about. Was it the World Wide Stock or the King Road Drag that was the beginning of the revolution? I liked the use of internet wording to describe the catalogues as the catalogues were the first E-commerce. He brings up many more interesting questions about communication and economy. While some say that communication is economy, Gladwell asks what is more important: what we communicate or how we communicate? The Land’s End examples of E-commerce were very interesting. It makes me question the importance of the internet over many other technologies. The online ordering does not cut costs as the company, along with many others, still has many employees for customer service. Things seem to run the same with the internet as with the catalogue and 800 ordering. It is the ‘Willia Wonka’ system behind the scenes that really makes the company efficient. While the internet is an extremely important invention that effects so many aspects of life, learning about the behind the scenes workings and the odd connections, makes me question its sole importance, like the author said: have we been dazzled by the catalogue and forgot the roads?

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