Feb 26 2012

Fashion Democracy

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I have never heard of Polyvore, but it does not surprise me that such a site exists. How they want to democratize fashion was interesting, empowering people to share their own style. After Friday’s discussion about websites keeping tabs on you, it doesn’t surprise me that this site does the same thing; though, that doesn’t make it any less unsettling. Lee thinks too highly of the people using the site, I think; she makes a comment on how kind everyone is to each other and how you can tell how they are good people from their style. I thought that was ridiculous and naïve and her quotes made her seem like a teenager by saying “like” constantly. Though, I am guilty of using the word too often myself, I would not speak like that while being interviewed for the New Yorker. With my tangent aside, I was surprised at how prevalent the site is in the fashion world, pop starts and designers keep tabs on the site and watch for inspiring ideas.

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