Feb 26 2012

Polyvore, meet Pinterest – Reflections on Jacobs

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The Polyvore article was interesting, but the whole time I was reading, I couldn’t help asking myself, “What am I supposed to be getting out of this?” I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be considering how women use the site, how the site’s parent company and advertisers utilize the activities of the site’s users, or something else entirely. I found the whole concept a little bizarre because I’m not a slave to fashion. Even watching Today show segments or makeover shows on TLC, I find myself aghast at the thought of paying $80 for jeans, much less several hundred dollars. I’m a practical kind of girl when it comes to clothes, so much of the site’s draw would be completely lost on me.  I kept comparing the site to the little bit that I know about Pinterest. Everyone I know right now is totally into “pinning”. I thought it was amazing that a site like Polyvore that is focused solely on fashion wasn’t using the same sorts of technology as Pinterest when it comes to marketing. In a several-page (click-wise) article I found about sites like Polyvore, I read this nugget about Pinterest: “While curation not consumption is its strength, the site outdid Google+, Linked In, and YouTube combined in leading shoppers to retailers last month, according to Shareaholic.” I found this particularly interesting because Pinterest topics (at least from my understanding) are limited only by the users’ imaginations and range from funny kid and pet pictures, to recipes, to fashion and exercise where as Polyvore is focused solely on fashion. Mostly, knowing how easily distractible I am, it’s incredibly fortunate that I have not fallen prey to the lure of either of these time-wasters. I was probably too busy shooting at colored bubbles and “liking” stuff on Facebook!

– Sara

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