Feb 28 2012

Looking For a Few Good Men – Reflections on Smith

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I found Ray Smith’s Wall Street Journal article interesting for a few reasons. First of all, I do *a lot* of internet shopping and I hadn’t ever heard of any of the sites he mentioned in the first 4 paragraphs of his article. Interestingly, I had heard of all of the same sites mentioned by the men. Maybe it’s that fashion thing again. Oddly, as technologically stubborn as my spouse is (he’s 54 years old), he does shop online. I started thinking about the things he buys online and how he shops. I even asked him a few questions about his online shopping. He *detests* the physical act of going shopping, so online shopping is quite ideal for him. He is also possibly the stingiest man on earth, so he’s always looking for stuff to be really cheap. He only shops on a handful of websites, though. He shops on REI, 1-800-FLOWERS, L.A. Police Gear (he buys clothes there, khaki pants and polo shirts, but also knives and other manly things) and he shops on eBay. Most of his eBay shopping is window shopping (haha – no pun intended), but as eBay collects his clicking habits, they send him targeted emails. Those emails took him to two different eBay “storefronts” at Christmas this year off of which he purchased an expensive recurve bow for my oldest son and a .22 rifle for my youngest son.

I’ll be very interested to see what happens with the next generation of adult males, though. Both of my sons (18 and 12) head *straight* to the internet when they want something. They are already both relatively savvy online shoppers and don’t hesitate when it comes to online purchases (except when it comes to the actual buying part, because I still have to do that for them!) They also do a lot of window shopping on the internet on sites like ThinkGeek and Maker Shed and other sites for nerdy kids. My artsy-fartsy older son likes to browse sites like Etsy and Threadless and TeeFury where he can see other artists’ and craftsmen’s work.

I can’t imagine my sons will ever turn into the consummate internet fashion shoppers that this article seemed to focus on trying to create, but I suspect as adult men with their own disposable income, quite a bit of their money will vanish into ethereal cash registers in the sky.

– Sara

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