Feb 28 2012

Men and Women’s shopping habits

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The Wall Street Journal article reminds me of myself more than any guys I know. I’ve never heard of the high end fashion websites or ‘flash sale’ websites that were mentioned, and I consider myself to be pretty internet and shopping savvy! I would probably rattle off the list that they collected of men’s most likely places to shop online if I was asked the same question. It would be something like Amazon, Ebay, Target, Best Buy, etc. I do have some friends who use those specialty clothing stores online such as Modcloth, etc, but I (as the article states is common) never buy clothes without trying them on. For me, it’s not because trying on clothes is a fun experience, so I completely disagree with the article on that note, but it’s because returning clothes is a hassle, so I’d rather get the right thing the first time.
As for the article on mobile shopping, the part that struck me as interesting is that we, the consumers, are in control. In a sense, this is true, but I think brand loyalty plays into this as well. I like shopping at Target, so I do most of my shopping there, even though I could do price comparisons and get things cheaper at other stores at times. I also like shopping at Macy’s, and if I find something I like, I’m not likely to get onto my phone (which for some reason has no service in any Macy’s stores I’ve ever been to… Conspiracy?) and find it cheaper someone else. I usually will just buy it there. I do agree with the article that a kind of ‘pre shopping’ is becoming a trend. Women can spend short amounts of time during their day or over a period of weeks and plan an entire shopping trip, getting in and out of the store faster and avoiding add ons and impulse buys, making it harder for the brick and mortar stores to compete.

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