Mar 01 2012


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When people ask me the age old question, “What is your favorite food?;”I always get a funny reaction because my answer ever time is… SOUP! To be more exact, Vietnamese beef soup or Phó, the most appetizing combination of liquefied animal fats infused with a handful of intoxicating spices, ribbons of delicate rice noodles topped off with an almost infinite combination of beef products.

Now I know you are asking yourself what could make a bowl of SOUP so amazing. To most Americans, soup is served in a small bowl before a meal but pho is no appetizer. It is the meal that you can eat it any time of day. In Vietnam, it is considered breakfast and to me the best remedy for the nights out that end when sun arrivers. It is served in an over sized bowl filled with the most amazing beef based broth combined with spices like star anise, cinnamon, and ginger. Noodles are normally long flat rice noodles, but the only way I will eat it is with a combination of rice and egg noodles. If this was not enough to make your mouth explode with excitement then here comes the parade of meat products and toppings. You can select from brisket and thinly sliced flank steak that is served raw and cooks in the hot broth, but if you have more adventurous taste buds there is tripe (my absolute favorite) and tendon.  Then you get to add your toppings traditionally served at the side you can choose from fresh basil, bean sprouts, sliced jalapenos, and lime wedges to add your own spin to the already complex combination of flavors. Now, if you like your pho spicy as most people do you can add copious amounts of Sriracha sauce (a hot garlic and chili paste), and if applied correctly this makes the already temperature hot soup molten lava hot that makes your nose run uncontrollably in the most delightfully painful of meals.

If this sounds like the meal for you then here is where you can obtain this wonderful bowl of goodness. Fist your local Asian or International food market here is Fredericksburg there is the Five Mile Fork International Supermarket here pho comes in many different forms from instant to all the fresh ingredients for you to prepare yourself, but what I suggest to the beginner pho enthusiast is to go to the source. If you are not lucky enough to have a friend to cook it for you, go to a pho restaurant. Here in Fredericksburg the best, hands down, place to go is Pho Saigon a family run business serving of course phenomenal pho as well as other authentic Vietnamese dishes. No matter how or where you choose to experience this bowl of absolute delight, do! You will not be disappointed, guaranteed.



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