Mar 12 2012

A World With No Wal*Mart? – Reflections on Moreton

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It’s very interesting to me to think that I can clearly remember a time when no Wal*Mart existed in my town. It’s not because I lived in some backwater country hamlet, but simply because Wal*Mart had not yet swelled to the expansive omnipresent station it holds in today’s society.  Bethany Moreton discusses the rise of this corporation and the premises that Sam Walton modeled his business practice on. I am familiar with Wal*Mart’s practices of calling their employees associates and holding “team meetings” before each shift begins in an effort to build community. It’s sad to hear that many of those ideas of a “community” within the company seem to be falling by the wayside since the founder’s death.  I was surprised to learn of the important role of women in Wal*Mart’s business model, especially because of the company’s many legal battles over the last few decades as women try to break Wal*Mart’s perceived “glass ceiling”. Regardless, Wal*Mart is definitely a capitalist force to be reckoned with and I’d be lying if I said that Wal*Mart was not a part of my daily life. I’m looking forward to bouncing this book off “a year without ‘Made in China’.” Wal*Mart definitely would not be able to be what it is with that option, so I’m really interested in just seeing how these two texts compare.

– Sara G.

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