Mar 18 2012

Nickle and Dimed

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This experiment reminded me of those documentaries on fast food and healthcare. Taking yourself out of your familiar, comfortable lifestyle and plunging into a low-wage lifestyle can me a humbling experience as well as open your eyes to what is wrong with much of society. I myself worked at a restaurant for two summers and though I made pretty good money for a college student, I can’t imagine having to live off of what I made though many of the servers did make a living off of tips. One girl in particular is still there, at the age of 20, supporting herself and her husband. They live in a basement and live week to week; it is a sad life. I was unable to go back to the waitressing job as I was already suffering from a bad back, two more back surgeries made that type of work of lifting heavy trays and being on my feet all day impossible for me to do. I thought this book was really interesting and enlightening, though not very surprising… The fact that low-wage work is impractical and unfair is no surprise to me.

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