Mar 19 2012

Not Enough Nickels and Dimes – Reflections on Ehrenreich

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Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickled and Dimed was a very interesting commentary on a growing problem in America’s workplaces today. The fact that the problem is so large that experts were able to coin the term “living wage” indicates that circumstances are such that many are not able to live above the poverty line simply by working hard at a job that was once considered respectable employment. One of the most alarming parts of this trend was the number of American workers who must work jobs that carry no benefits. The completely separate, yet still closely intertwined problem of the skyrocketing costs of housing, day care, health care, and prescriptions (and just forget about completely unaffordable dental care) make the problem of securing a “living wage” an even more serious consideration. Examining trends like this make me afraid for my own children as they near the age of making their own way in an uncertain world. I don’t know what the answer to these problems are, but I know that it is a problem that affects the entire country, not just those who live in this world every day.

– Sara

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