Mar 25 2012

Overspent American

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This reading really shows how much Americans get pulled into a certain lifestyle. I was surprised by how many factors really go into this vortex of consumerism. Not only is it TV and commercials that invent needs, trends and desires but it is the community we live in or the schools we attend that decide what we need and buy. This book reminded me of my aunt who lives in an upper/middle class subdivision. She constantly competes with her neighborhood housewives to have the best front lawn, the best car, and even worse they compete with their children. If your children aren’t on the honor roll and if they aren’t on the travel soccer team, then your status is threatened. It seems exhausting to me, coming from a small town where extravagance is frowned upon, or maybe its not the place I live, its just my own personal outlook. I have my iPod, my car, my phone and my Mac, but with the exception of the iPod these are practical items. I commute to school in my dust covered car which has no handle (I have to climb through the back and open it from the inside). I didn’t get a phone until I was in high school and I didn’t get a personal laptop until I went to college and kind of needed one. I’d like to think that I wouldn’t get caught up in that kind of thought or lifestyle, but I can’t be sure of that, there are simply too many traps.

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