Apr 02 2012

I remember when….Reflections on Bongiornio

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I found Sara Bongiornio’s A Year Without Made in China” an interesting and entertaining read. I really enjoy this type of “immersion journalism”. I was surprised by the level of skepticism she sometimes met when she shared her plan. It bordered on the downright hostile. I knew from the outset that this would be a near-Herculean task, but it took Bongiornio’s account to realize just how pervasive and far-reaching this influence is. For example, I never really thought of the whole mouse-trap issue. I do think that Bongiornio is fortunate to have done this when her children were young. I think it would have been much more difficult if her children were older. Not impossible, of course, but it would have been much harder on her and the whole family. (And in the case of growing boys who go through shoes like toilet paper, much more expensive.)

I thought the question about Chinese food was particularly funny, because I had wondered that very thing when very first started reading. And while her non-inclusion of very American Chinese food made perfectly logical sense, I still found the irony quite funny!

One thing I thought of as I was reading this book was, “What’s next?” I still clearly remember the time before “Made in China” ruled our lives. I remember that when we read “Made in Japan” on the bottom of the product, it generally meant the product was junk – not high technology or a good car. Though it seems that America will never be able to break the grip of “Made in China”, I’m sure that some other trend is down the road somewhere. I just wonder what it will be.

– Sara

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