Apr 22 2012

Spotsylvania Towne Center

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On the warm sunny day of April the 20th I took a little adventure to the Spotsylvania Towne Center also known as the Spotsylvania Mall. Despite the time of day and week that I arrived at the mall, parking was somewhat of an issue. It was 11am on a Friday when I would think that most people would be working or in school but to my surprise there were plenty of people using the mall.

During my adventure I first met with the FedEx man who delivered to the more than 150 stores. This very tall and very pleasant man said that it will take him about 45 minutes to complete deliveries for the Towne Center. Other delivery companies include large freight transported by Estes, Diaz Trucking and Southeastern Freight lines supplying bulk products as well as food services. As for transportation for people like I have written in my other refection posts the Fredericksburg area offers the Fred bus system with stops at the mall and also the obvious personal transport vehicles. One could also walk but I would not think it would be very safe because there is a lack of sidewalks and it is located in an extremely busy area on a even busier highway.

As for retail space, we all know the stores that are in every mall in America. There has to be a few department stores that anchor the building followed by at least 3 Footlockers and the all important Spencer’s (a gag gift store) that no 20 something quasi adult could live without. Then we get into the more unique stores and spaces. For one the Sheriff’s office has an annex here. Which, to my surprise has been there for four years and actually help deter crime as well as offer outreach programs to the public. the Sheriffs also said that the mall actually donated the space to them and that this was becoming a popular trend and is being run by an almost all volunteer staff.

If that was not an interesting enough use of space in the mall there is an actual store in the mall that I found that did not actually sell anything tangible. They sell video game “time” it was a modern take on a Arcade. This establishment is called GamePad and they had wall to wall TVs all hooked up to multiple game devices with the option to play any game they had in the store which seemed to me (a non-gamer) to be a lot. So they way they made money was to sell time by the hour to their customers, $5 an hour. I spoke with the young man who was working the store and he said that most of his clientele on the weekends are young children who’s parents do not want to deal with while they shop. And during the week he see a more adult crowd who perhaps are on breaks from their jobs in the mall. They also offer tournaments which include cash prizes.  

And if we are going to discuss alternative uses of the mall I should touch on the mall walker program. To be a mall walker you must sign up and wear a badge. With this badge you are granted early entry (7:30am) to the mall and there is a mapped out path that works out to exactly a mile. Spotsylvania Towne Center is so adamant about this program that they gave me a handout on on the rules and how the program works.

I do not normally shop at the mall; I only go when there is a specific thing that I can only get at a mall such as undergarments that I will only purchase from Victoria Secrets.  And it seemed like the shoppers I say where shopping in the same manner. Most of them only had one bag from one store and looked as if they were on a mission rather than a leisurely stroll through the mall. I can only speculate that it is because of the time of day and week. I think that if I was to go on a weekend things might have been different.

My adventure was concluded with a trip to the outer portion of the mall where I had a lovely lunch at a restaurant called Cheeburger Cheeburger. Where I reflected upon my morning walk and I feel like I have given a few examples of alternative uses for the mall space. Whether it be for public programs or the modern day arcade. it shows how malls have evolved to fit the need of people and not just consumers.

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