Apr 22 2012

Voluntary Simplicity

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If I read this article clearly, it is strongly encouraging people to become what most would call “hippies.” The article relates being more aware, or more conscious, of the environment around you to leading a more simple life, in all aspects. Normally, I would just think of simplifying in terms of consumption. For example – buy less, purge items you don’t need, don’t let clutter rule your home. It seems that consumption is not the only thing people need to change to achieve true simplicity. They must also simplify their relationships, work, and connection with nature. According to the article, this can be done by simply being more aware of the blocks that people place in their own way, obstructing all of these relationships. It seems reasonable, but reading the effects, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself at the conclusions that simpler living clears up more time to spend gardening or making music with loved ones, causes people to become more compassionate and more connected with nature (tree hugging, anyone?,) causes people to eat better and consult holistic experts for medical care, and my favorite, use public transportation instead of their own gas guzzling symbols of consumption. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a hippy – I kind of envy the people who have the discipline to live this way. Though the article is very interesting, this world is a long ways away from enough people changing their ways to cause any kind of ripple effect large enough to create the utopia it seems would be required to save the world.

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