Nov 05 2012

Sharkweek ain’t got nothing on this

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The Remote Controlled Zombie Shark Air Swimmer, or flying robot zombie shark, can be obtained from a number of retailers both online and in ‘real’ life, but I first heard about it on ThinkGeek. This is the not only place the shark toy can be obtained; it’s not available in stores, as it’s marketed by the company AIRSWIMMERS, by William Mark, but you can get it in a number of places, such as ThinkGeek–as mentioned–or Amazon, or even in-person in hobby shops On ThinkGeek, the toy goes for 29.99 plus shipping, and on Amazon, you’re able to find it for a few dollars cheaper, around 25.00 on sale down from 39.99.

The massive (almost person-sized!) toys are popular, gathering attention on sites such as ZombieGift and GeekAlerts . ThinkGeek, is a purely online retailer sells to a main audience of the “geeky” crowd; fans of computers, robots, Star Wars, lasers, Doctor Who, and other seemingly nerdy hobbies and pastimes. It was founded more than twenty years ago in ’99, in Fairfax VA, and is owned by Geeknet, I chose to post this particular item because it is, in a word, badass. I’m a fan of quirky, nerdy toys, as I said at the beginning of our semester, and if a flying robot undead shark doesn’t fit the bill, I don’t know what does. The toy is appealing for a number of reasons, including the following, taken from ThinkGeeks own advertising page:
• Hours of flying shark attack fun for the whole family
• Durable, high-quality nylon material will stay inflated for weeks
• Simply refill with new helium when the shark doesn’t fly anymore
• Remote functions: Climb, descend, and tail fin control for turning
• Range: Up to 40 feet

The producer of the toy, Airswimmers, takes a similar approach as the retailer ThinkGeek in advertising for its flying fish. They detail their products, though they don’t seem to sell their products themselves; however, they do have lists of legitimate retailrs–one of which is ThinkGeek–and advise customers on how to avoid knock offs.
The idea of a refillable, battery powered flying shark is really appealing, at least to me and anyone who’s still a child at heart. A child who is entertained by flying undead carnivorous fish, anyways.


Check it out, and go buy a flying shark. You know you want one.

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