Aug 31 2014

Karl Marx reflection blog

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From what I understood of the reading, Marx is saying that people begin to fetishize or fantasize about material goods and often overlook the labor that goes into the product that is being fantasized about in a capitalist economy. Therefore, the laborers are overlooked in society. On page 334 Marx says: “the determination of the magnitude of value by labor-time is therefore a secret hidden under the apparent movements in the relative value of commodities.” I think essentially what this means is that the value of the things we want to buy is more than the value of the laborers who made those items, in a capitalist economy. I believe that some of what he is saying is still true today. As consumers in America we buy things without thinking about the labor that went into that item or we are blissfully ignorant about the amount of labor that went into it, because we need/want that item. I believe what Marx is saying is we put too much importance on material items and it stays true today.

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