Aug 31 2014

Reflection Post

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Marx’s text “The Fetishism of the Commodity and its Secret” talks about commodities and their meaning within capitalist society. He posits that a commodity has no inherent value in itself other than the labor put forth into it and the resulting societal importance placed upon it. In other words, a table has no inherent value just because of its material form; rather, its value is determined through its popularity or marketability. Thus, commodity fetishism is about the values attributed to commodities as determined by supply and demand between producers. Through this, capitalist society is dictated by discourse between people that are trying to trade commodities. He also states that commodities have their own intrinsic value because of the societal desirability given to them. In this sense, commodities are social objects- independent entities- that dictate the interactions in the market of a capitalist society.

The text was rather clunky, so I may be somewhat off in my interpretation. However, I think I’ve touched on the general notion of Marx’s “The Fetishism of The Commodity and Its Secret” in this reflection post.

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