Sep 02 2014

Marx Reflection Post

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In the Karl Marx article, it is said that commodities bring out metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties. It was not until I read this article that it all came into perspective for me. Yes, I knew that the labor that went into the production of an item brought out the dark side of production, but I did not think about an items use value or how the value of an item is determined. The one line that really stood out to me in this passage says: “The whole mystery of commodities, all the magic and necromancy that surround the products of labor on the basis of commodity production, vanishes therefore as soon as we come to other forms of production”. This line speaks so many truths because if someone was to go out and buy the materials they needed to make a specific item, they would then see how much time, labor and money would be put in to the production of the said item, but then what does that prove? Unless the person makes a living out of consistently making items they won’t see or feel what others have to go through on a daily basis to meet the quota of the production of an item. This also brings up again, what is an items use value or what determines the value?

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