Sep 02 2014

Veblen Reflection

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Veblen’s usage of lengthy, run-on sentences comes off as arrogant as some of his observations. However, I found his explanation of how home-life evolved through economics fascinating. Women as consumers was particularly interesting because if her items were not expensive, they were slightly frowned upon, especially in terms of alcohol and narcotics. For both sexes, the more money they had to spend on such items, the more they ha to “marks of a master.” Men, on the other hand, also grew as consumers. They were no longer simple, but rather, a man was a connoiseur of  goods. As financial competition and friendships developed, hosting large parties with the rest of “high bred mannered” society was crucial.

But as the era of servitudes and large parties hit another lull, women began to do their consumption duties, restarting the cycle. Even the small, well-monied areas lost sizable portions of their populations. Veblen makes a small reference to social duties and how they declined, with less people participating in golf, yachting and other sporting events.

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