Sep 02 2014

Veblen Reflection Post

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Reading Veblen’s article made me have mixed feelings. I do agree with his overall ideal of conspicuous consumption, but I don’t agree with the paragraphs on page 194-95. Yes, I realize that times have changed but there are some flaws in this article that I would like to point out. Now I do not know if back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s if women just bowed down to their husbands, but honestly, that is not how the world should work. Being able to come home and know that dinner is made for you, or the house is clean or that there is some woman that you “love” waiting at home to basically be your waitress just shows how the times have changed. Although, in the more wealthy and upper-class house holds that is how it works. It can be prevalent in our society if women are scared of their partners, but not as common as how Veblen is talking. Veblen’s ideal of conspicuous consumption is relevant to today’s society, however, because humans do buy things to show their wealth or to make others feel bad about not being as wealthy or as fortunate.

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